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PPA Masterbatches

Polymer Processing Aid (PPA) Masterbatch is a product based on Fluoroelastomers active content ranging from 2% to 5%. It is widely used in LLDPE film extrusion to improve the process ability of the polymers at higher shear rates. Addition of PPA Masterbatch reduces the melt fracture or shark skin effect during the process of LLDPE / LDPE / HM-HDPE by extrusion process. It also reduces die buildup and electricity consumption


Low dosage
Cost effective
Electricity Savings
Lesser die buildup

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SKE Masterbatches (Prominent Agro Industries (P) Ltd.) produces best quality masterbatches With the help of most sophisticated plant & machinery. Our masterbachtes are created for different polymers such as LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, PVC, ABS, PS, PET, PC, EVA ETC. Our products are excellent in colours, dispersion, surface-smoothness, uniformity, UV absorption and weatherability.

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