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Anti-Static Masterbatches

Antistatic agents can be added to polymers to minimize the natural tendency of most plastics to accumulate static charges. Antistatics are based mainly based on migratory additive systems, which can give fast and long term stable antistatic properties. Migratory additives rely upon the presence of atmospheric humidity to give optimum performance. Anti-static masterbatches aim to neutralize the charges on the surface of the polymer and eliminates these problems. Anti-static Masterbatch functions by attracting water molecules from the atmosphere.


Low dosage
Cost effective
Reduces static charge buildup
Less dust collection

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SKE Masterbatches (Prominent Agro Industries (P) Ltd.) produces best quality masterbatches With the help of most sophisticated plant & machinery. Our masterbachtes are created for different polymers such as LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, PVC, ABS, PS, PET, PC, EVA ETC. Our products are excellent in colours, dispersion, surface-smoothness, uniformity, UV absorption and weatherability.

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